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Application of metal laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry

Views: 0     Author: JQLASER     Publish Time: 2022-07-07      Origin: JQLASER

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for kitchenware are becoming increasingly strict. As a sharp tool for metal processing, laser cutting machine plays an important role in the application of kitchenware industry. The kitchen appliance industry has a wide range of application scenarios, including hotels, schools, home use, etc. The existing plate shears, bending machines, punches, brick tower punches and plasma cutting equipment cannot provide a strong competitive advantage for enterprises. The kitchen appliance industry is faced with short product renewal cycle, high personalized demand for kitchen appliance engineering, and mostly single piece production.

Stainless steel blanking requires all kinds of special-shaped holes and cutting curve edges. Punch presses and turret punches cannot process holes of any shape, and plasma cutting machines cannot meet the requirements of blanking accuracy and other factors, resulting in obsolete processing equipment, which not only depends on the technical level of scribes and sheet metal cutters, but also consumes manpower, material resources and time, resulting in high costs. The use of laser cutting equipment can improve the blanking efficiency of all single sheet metal, reduce the number of scribes and sheet metal blanking workers, and eliminate the pressure of rising labor costs. Sheet metal panels are widely used in range hoods and gas appliances, and Kitchenware and bathroom, as common items in life, have increasingly strict requirements for their quality, beauty and novelty; In the long run, the application space of laser cutting equipment in kitchenware industry is still very extensive.