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Bicycle manufacturing

Views: 2     Author: JQLASER     Publish Time: 2021-04-26      Origin: JQLASER

The bicycle frame is made of pipes. Most of the selected pipe materials are aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, etc., and this material has obvious advantages in making the bicycle frame. 1、 Relatively light weight;

2、 The pipes have certain strength. However, in the face of such a large demand, laser cutting machines have a great opportunity in the bicycle industry.

Compared with the traditional cutting process, the cutting section of the pipe cut by laser is smoother, and the cut pipe can be directly used for welding, reducing the processing procedures of the bicycle industry. Compared with the traditional process of cutting, punching and bending, the traditional pipe processing process consumes a lot of molds. Laser cutting pipe not only has fewer processes, high efficiency, but also the quality of the workpiece cut will be better. At present, with the rapid growth of the national fitness tide, China's bicycle industry still has a lot of market development space.

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