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Fitness Equipment Application

Views: 0     Author: JQLASER     Publish Time: 2021-06-10      Origin: JQLASER

In order to meet people's demand for fitness and health, manufacturers have introduced a variety of equipments. Among these products, pipe is commonly applied in connections through coherent line butt. However, traditional cutting method (towards pipes) can either ensure the accuracy or labor and time costs. Nowadays you can subdivide according to the parts you want to  workout then apply to the appropriate fitness equipments. With the increasing awareness of mational health, the fitness industry has become popular and its equipment have been in short supply for a while. Laser cutting machine , inrespone to this problem, has long been professional in pipe cutting. It can deal with small-diameter thin-walled tube, which is the main processing technology for cutting and punching. Our machine can meet the mass production of pipe processing and can gurantee cutting process without burr, beauty and practicality. Fitness equi[ment industry with the assistance of laser cutting machine will procide better products with high quality and efficiency.