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Heavy news! Jinqiang Laser three-chuck laser cutting machine new product release

Views: 20     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-15      Origin: Site

The general manager of the company, Mr. Hou Xiujin, as the speaker of the new product launch, released this new product and explained to us this three-chuck laser cutting machine R&D story.

When introducing the three-chuck laser cutting machine, Mr. Hou Xiujin said: The era of Industry 5.0 has arrived. How do we seize this era of turmoil and seize the opportunities that belong to our manufacturing industry? The core is “personalized customization + industrial Internet of Things” , The two are indispensable. The three-chuck laser cutting machine we developed is based on the accumulation of more than ten years of experience. It can meet most metal pipe processing manufacturers on the market, eliminating the need for cutting, blanking, punching and other links. The machine can do it!

Mr. Hou Xiujin also introduced the three highlights of this three-chuck laser cutting machine:

  1. It can be processed with a diameter of less than 450mm, cutting zero tails, reducing the waste of raw materials.

  2. Complex graphics, one-click processing , just import It can be processed

  3. Technology upgrade and quality assurance.

At the end of the press conference, Mr. Hou Xiujin said: If a company wants to be a century-old enterprise, it can only continue to innovate and develop independently, and the quality must keep up. The same after-sales service is also the top priority. Good service can make customers rely on you more.

Every change contains opportunities. Jinqiang Laser embraces changes and faces them positively. Helping each customer also achieves himself!