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How to clean the lens during the operation of laser cutting machine?

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In the past two years, the market of laser cutting equipment is hot, and it has been widely used in various industries. It is inevitable that it will be polluted during the working process, such as water pollution or dust pollution. In order to ensure the stability of the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to clean the laser lens during daily maintenance. How to clean the lens during the operation of the laser cutting machine?

The main purpose of lens cleaning is to remove the pollutants from the lens and prevent further pollution and damage caused by the lens. In the process of lens installation and cleaning, any pollutant will improve the lens absorption rate and reduce the service life; Therefore, preventive measures must be taken during use.

1. do not use your finger to install the lens. Instead, wear finger cots or rubber gloves.


2. do not use sharp instruments to avoid scratching the lens surface.

3. do not touch the film layer when taking out the lens, but hold the edge of the lens.


4. the lens of laser cutting machine shall be placed in a dry and correct place for detection and cleaning. A good workbench surface should have several layers of cleaning paper towels and several sheets of lens cleaning tissue.


5. the user shall avoid speaking above the lens and keep food, beverages and other potential pollutants away from the working environment.

When operating laser cutting equipment, relevant staff must pay attention to the correct use of lenses; Avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

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