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How to improve the utilization rate of metal plate during the processing of laser cutting machine?

Views: 0     Author: JQLASER     Publish Time: 2022-06-08      Origin: JQLASER

With the vigorous development of various industries, a large number of metal processing needs have been released. With the intelligence and friendly man-machine interface of the overall design, the laser cutting machine has outstanding performance in improving the production efficiency, production quality and utilization of sheet metal materials. So how to improve the utilization of metal plate in the process of laser cutting machine?


1. in the process of metal plate cutting, typesetting is still very important. How to efficiently and accurately typeset needs to be done.

2. for plates of the same model, try to increase the number of small parts on each large plate, so as to reduce the waste of sheet metal materials.

3. for different models, if the ideal state of full splicing cannot be achieved during cutting, you can try to combine the two models together, select when to combine them, and then typeset to achieve the state of just full splicing or close to full splicing, so as to effectively improve the utilization rate.

4. for models with irregular shapes, the method of inlaying and typesetting shall be adopted; For models with regular shapes (such as circle and square), staggered arrangement can be adopted.

5. in addition to design and typesetting, when picking materials for production, the remaining materials shall be preferentially selected to improve the utilization efficiency of remaining materials, which is also an effective method to improve the utilization rate of board materials.

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