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How to judge the cutting quality of laser pipe cutting machine?

Views: 0     Author: JQLASER     Publish Time: 2022-06-09      Origin: JQLASER

Laser pipe cutting machine is widely used in various industries. Compared with traditional processing methods, metal laser pipe cutting machine has obvious advantages. Do you know how to judge the cutting quality of laser pipe cutting machine

1. roughness: laser cut sections, especially thick plates, will form vertical lines. The depth of the lines determines the degree of cutting roughness. The shallower the lines, the smoother the section, and the better the cutting quality. Roughness has a great influence on the processing effect of metal post forming.

2. verticality: due to its own characteristics, the verticality of the laser pipe cutting machine is not obvious when cutting thin plates, but it is more important when cutting plates above 10mm. The more vertical the cutting edge, the higher the cutting quality.

3. slag hanging and burr: slag hanging is mainly the burr deposited on the cutting section. During the laser cutting process of the laser pipe cutting machine, there will be gas blowing away the melted or vaporized material residue, but no matter how much up or down it will form deposits on the surface. Cutting burr is a factor that greatly affects the cutting quality, which will increase the additional processing volume and increase the processing cost.

4. heat affected zone: laser cutting belongs to thermal processing equipment, which will inevitably have a thermal impact on the metal during the cutting process. The laser pipe cutting machine will promote the material heating during the cutting process, which will also lead to material deformation. It is very important in many fine machining. Controlling the laser power or applying short laser pulses can reduce the component heating and avoid deformation

As a sharp tool for metal cutting, the processing ability of laser tube cutting machine is obvious to all; When choosing a laser pipe cutting machine, be sure to carefully identify and avoid stepping on pits.