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Jinqiang Laser Shanghai Station | Five exhibitions perfectly

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Nearly 30 days from 9.2-9.30, 5 exhibitions ended perfectly in Shanghai. Jinqiang Laser shoulders the mission of being brave to innovate and pioneering in the contemporary manufacturing industry, always spurring and motivating itself, and constantly learning from excellent companies. Jin Qiangjun gained a lot from his trip to Shanghai. Not only did he have the opportunity to compete with his peers on the same stage and learn from each other, but the accumulated order amount signed at the exhibition site was nearly 10 million!

Why are there many customers in front of Jinqiang’s booth to discuss and communicate with our technical staff? Can our laser cutting machine cut samples in the end?

1.The machine cuts continuously, and the process can be viewed at any time

Jinqiang’s machines keep running from development to completion, thus ensuring the overall experience of the customers. Here I want to add chicken legs to the customer service brother, thank them for their hard work, cut beautiful and practical samples and ensure the normal operation of the machine.

2.Uniform dress to show professionalism

The first impression of uniformity is “professional”. Every item in the exhibition is equivalent to Jinqiang’s business card representing the company. The solid business ability and the formal and proper dress also give the exhibition a lot of points.

3. Cloud live broadcast, rave reviews

Each exhibition has two live Douyin live broadcasts a day, watching the exhibition in the cloud, and visiting the machine. The two anchors used facts to prove what is “hard core” strength. They watched the live broadcast and participated in the lottery. Many prizes such as health pots, rice cookers, and air purifiers were given away. This model attracted the attention of many on-site customers and praised Jin Qiang’s new model!

4. Design style, simple atmosphere

The red and white decoration design style shows the true color of the enterprise. Red is the corporate color of Jinqiang, which means that Jinqiang people are always full of passion and vigor and have the fighting spirit to be the first. This design style is integrated with our machine, and the whole painting style looks clean and coordinated.

Jinqiang Laser has 16 years of experience in laser pipe cutting machines, and its reputation has always been very good. This time we joined hands with the Internet celebrity machine F series: 6020ET, 6016L, 6016LN, etc. to appear at the Shanghai exhibition, and many customers have come here! Among them, the customers on the industry fair site directly smashed the 6016L laser cutting machine and “out of the circle”.