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Kitchenware industry

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Nowadays, most of the kitchenware around us are stainless steel, which will have a longer service life than the wooden kitchenware before; This is also one of the main reasons why it can be widely used. Stainless steel kitchenware has been recognized by more and more people while it is both beautiful and practical; And put forward higher requirements for him.


Before the market of stainless steel kitchenware was not so large, traditional processing equipment was widely used, such as CNC punching machine, and then combined with polishing, cutting, bending and other processes to finally form. This kind of processing efficiency was relatively low, the time to make molds was relatively long, and the whole production cost was relatively high. However, with the change of lifestyle, people's demand for stainless steel kitchenware has increased, and changing the traditional production mode has become the most important thing. Metal laser cutting machine is needed in the current background. It can solve the problem of non abrasive production of all kinds of kitchenware, and promote the further development of kitchenware processing industry while reducing production costs.


Laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing. In this processing mode with small heat affected area, the far-reaching significance of laser cutting machine in kitchen utensils processing industry is further reflected.


The compact laser has become the core power of the laser cutting machine. The whole bed has been annealed at high temperature to completely eliminate the external stress. The high standard and high-precision machine tool design makes the operation process of the laser cutting machine more stable. Ultra high cutting speed makes plate cutting easy; The technology of laser cutting machine without extrusion and deformation makes it more possible for everyone to choose stainless steel kitchenware.