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Medical apparatus and instruments

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The medical care bed can help the elderly complete various actions such as back lifting, leg lifting, turning over, infusion, guardrail, movement, etc. the whole bed includes: bedside, folding guardrail, reinforced beam, infusion rack, dining table, etc. There are many pipes used in the whole bed, such as round pipes and square pipes, which are cut and perforated; With the wide application of laser tube cutting machine, medical beds have achieved mass production, reducing the demand for production costs.

Laser pipe cutting machine is mainly used in bed, back lifting frame, turning frame, cross beam frame, protective fence, rocker, infusion frame, etc; The main components are processed from parts of round or square tubes of different lengths. There are openings of different sizes on each pipe part to facilitate subsequent assembly and splicing; It meets the multi-function requirements of the medical bed and solves the problem of complex process and low efficiency. It brings a new experience of laser cutting processing.