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What are the advantages of heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine?

Views: 0     Author: JQLASER     Publish Time: 2022-06-07      Origin: JQLASER

The heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine is a new type of laser cutting equipment based on the original laser pipe cutting machine. It is mainly aimed at the processing of large-diameter metal pipes, and the industry it faces is different from that before. Heavy duty laser pipe cutting machine can be widely used in the market. What are the obvious advantages?


Heavy metal pipe laser cutting machine is now widely used in heavy industry machinery, steel structure construction, construction, machinery manufacturing, bridge engineering, greenhouse, communication tower and other industries. Breaking the limitations of conventional laser cutting equipment, it can not only cut circular and square tubes, but also cut channel steel, angle steel, elliptical tubes and other types of pipes; Widen the processing area, with high availability. It completely solves the previous problems of difficult loading of large-diameter pipes, large floor space and poor equipment load-bearing, realizes the automatic positioning of pipe center after pipe loading and clamping, realizes high-precision and stable cutting, improves processing efficiency and fills the shortage of traditional processing methods.


The heavy-duty laser pipe cutter has high precision in dealing with heavy metal pipes, cutting zero tailings, saving a lot of consumables, saving a lot of labor costs and shortening the construction period. Therefore, the heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine is the filling of the conventional laser pipe cutting machine, which widens the scope of its processing field. If you are interested or have any questions, please call : 18560186916