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What are the limiting factors of laser cutting machine?

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  What are the factors that the laser cutting machine is not limited?
  If the limiter is not limited, first pay attention to whether it is a mechanical problem. If there are many sundries blocked in the gear, it is easy to jump the teeth. It is possible that the limiter does not touch the upper limiter in one aspect and the stop in the other direction. If the limiter does not touch, there is no signal transmission, and the machine will go all the way up, There will be a collision. If it is not a mechanical problem, it may be due to the following reasons


1. Motherboard. The problem of limit is that a short circuit occurs through the limiter, and then a signal is sent to the main board. If the main board has a problem, it cannot send an instruction to the driver. If the driver cannot receive the instruction, the equipment cannot limit.
2. Line problem. The signal of the equipment is transmitted by the line. If the line is short circuited, it cannot transmit the signal to the main board, and the equipment naturally cannot be limited.
3. The problem with the stopper. There are two kinds of limiters, one is mechanical and the other is inductive. The mechanical limit is relatively simple. It only needs to connect the signal. The inductive limit is usually 5V. Correspondingly, its is a little more complex. If there is no 5V current for the inductive limit, it cannot be limited. The mechanical inductive limit is easy to break. If it is broken, it cannot be limited.