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A perfect ending! Wonderful moments of JQ laser!

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2021.3.22-3.25 JQ laser attened the 24th Jinan International Machine Tool Exhibition with a new line-up, and other laser machine experts in the industry, we went to the event. The exhibition lasted for four days to let more customers follow up perspective to unlock the "Futuristic tech" of the laser cutting industry. Let's see those wonderful moments!


Our team is comoosed of sales staff with an average age of 35+ and more than 8 years work experience in the industry. They dress professionally and are good at helping customers to analyze and solvw problems. With good professionalism and business ability, customers can see our well-trained and sincere attitude.


JQ laser provides intelligent solutions of laser applicaton to make intelligent manufacturing within reach JQ laser brought FLT-MZ and M3 tube cutting machine to the exihibition at this time. These machines have set off a new wave of interlligent manufacturing, which attracted many users to stop by at te begging of the exhibition and restored everyone's confidence in China's intellignet manufacturing.


Our staff adjusted the machine according to the customer's requirements, so that they intuitively know their cost and profit margin. From technology, samples cutting, and processing we are detailes demostration; as well as automatic detection, automatic alarm, automatic feeding and other skills show, so that customers can more intuitive understanding of intelligent machine. Small and exquisite cutting samples, smooth line alignment, no difference in cutting accuracy; let each sample become a work of art.


Strong after-sales service team is our powerful support, according to customer requirements over and over again proofi g debugging; with the most"clumsy" method, to obtain the most real customer trust. Let laser become a warm enterprise!

 Each exhibition is like a stage, each perfect interpretation of the back of a lot of effort. To meet the needs of each user is what we are doing; to let each user  efficiency, doubling the benefits is what wr need to do. You and I will experience the future together and witness it together!