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Future Application

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With the global manufacturing centre moving to China, the CNC laser cutting machine market demand annual growth rate of more than 50%. The flexibility of CNC laser technology caused that gradually replaced the traditional approaches of processing. Additionally, after years of development, it has graduaaly formed a certain industrial scale in China. It is expected that in the next few years, laser cutting technology will have a large upgrade. The future market demand for laser cutting machines will be increasingly largr, basically mainly used in the following six industries. 


CNC laser cutting has the advantages of high precision, high speed and especially flexible processing, which has become the most popular processing equipment of sheet metal processing industry. The high cost performance of the laser makes the laser equipment a strong guarantee for the business orders of the sheet metal processing.


The automotive industry is a high concentration of high-tech industry, laser as an advanced manufacturing, in developed industrial countries, 50%-70% of automotive parts are completed with laser processing. It mainly uses laser welding and laser cutting as the main processing way, including plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting.


Computer chassis, electrical swithes, electrical cabinets, lift manufacturers choose laser equipmemt because of the stability, speed and high precision of the equipment, completely do not need the secondary processing, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production costs. At the same times, CNC laser equopments are good at shorten the proofing cycle, to bring customers a strong competitive edge.


The use of laser cutting of oil sceen seam tubing is one of the typical applications of laser cutting technology in the petrochemical industry. Sand control in loose formations during oil drilling is one of the most critical parts of well completion and oil recovery engineering design. Generally a large number of small slits are machined around the perimeter of the tubing to block most of the outside and narrow on the inside, or narrow on the outside and subtle on the inside, giving better performance of oil screen slit tubing.


Manufacturers of agricultural machinery in many countries around the world have adopted laser equipment. The flexibility of laser technology has accelerated the speed of design undates, improved product quality, significantly reduced costs and made them more responsive to changes in market demand. Laser cutting systems are the technology that has benefited this industry the most.


High speed cutting combined with plasma beveling and other technical options have made lasers the preferred solution for world class shipyards. Laser cuttinf technology is used by manufacturers of oversized container carriers in China, Japan, India and Korea and high-speed aluminium ferries in Australia, the USA and Europe.